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Computers Sales

Refurbished Laptops and Computers Sales

Escambia Computers sells Refurbished window based Laptops and Desktop Computers. We can supply computers that fit your personal or home office needs. We deliver to Pensacola and most surrounding areas.

Refurbished laptops, desktop gaming computers, monitors, docks & servers

Refurbished Laptops and Computers Sales

Escambia Computers sales refurbished window based laptops and computers.

What are Refurbished laptops or computers? They are computers that were returned to the retailer or manufacturer. They can also be floor models. The defects are often cosmetic and were usually returned because it didn’t meet expectations. Are they safe? These computers go through major testing and all software and hardware issues are corrected. Only then can it return to retail sales.

Computers made in the USA

Escambia Computers works with an American supplier to provide you with a quality refurbished laptop or desktop computer with a 3 year warranty.

Bring in your machine for FREE diagnostics.

Refurbishing computers extends their life span and keeps them from the landfill.

We can order a window based laptop or desktop computer that fits your needs.

We Custom build of one of the fastest gaming machines we have seen

Custom Built Gaming Computers

Escambia Computers gaming computers.

Take your gaming to the next level. Escambia computers can build your dream gaming computer, so you can feel like you’re playing with your favorite e-sport team.

Fast built gaming computers

Customize your gaming experience with unique RGB lighting in your mouse, keyboard, headset, speakers and computer tower.

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We can build a gaming platform with maximum performance using:
      • Powerful GPU and CPU
      • Latest motherboard and chipset
      • High end gaming RAM
      • Big power supply
      • SSD
      • The highest FPS so you can immerse yourself in popular games such Overwatch, Apex legends and Valorant.

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