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Everyone has a gift and ours just happens to be computers
Everyone has a gift and ours just happens to be computers

How to extend the lifespan of PC by upgrading parts?

When it comes to buying a new computer, laptops and desktops are expensive. So you want to keep them working smoothly and silently as long as possible. The best way to deal with it is by making routine upgrades on your existing PCs. So, you can easily strike a balance between cost and efficacy in terms of your ability.

In this blog post, we will describe how to extend the lifespan of PC by upgrading parts.

Follow these issues before upgrading your PC.

Before deciding that you require a hardware upgrade, make sure you have a definite problem. You can try these simple computer maintenances first and observe if your computer’s performance improves or not:

      • Any program you don’t need should be removed from your computer
      • Eliminate all types of malware such as Trojans
      • Do thorough defragmentation of the hard drive

If you are unsure how to perform these tasks give Escambia Computers a call. It could be a simple cleaning your computer needs.

A thorough guide to upgrading your PC parts

Increase RAM

A computer’s RAM stores the histories of applications and their associated instructions while they are operating. In other words, it’s a juggler who keeps all of your jobs. The more RAM you got, the more multitasking you can do on your computer.

You can save a lot of money by upgrading your RAM because it’s now so affordable. Make sure your computer can manage an upgrade and that your operating system can handle more memory. That’s about it. Generally speaking, a 64-bit system is required to process more than 4 gigabytes of memory. So you can upgrade ram easily.

Upgrade Hard drive

You can upgrade to a larger hard drive with more storage if you run out of space. Also, upgrade to a faster hard disk is necessary if your computer is slow. This could improve your overall performance.

Follow these 2 points:

      • A modern drive spins faster than a traditional drive. This means that data can be read more quickly. Upgrade from a 5,400-rpm drive to a 7,200-rpm drive to speed up your computer’s performance.
      •  Another option is a solid-state drive (SSD). SSDs don’t spin, so they aren’t measured in RPMs. SSDs are faster than traditional drives and less likely to have mechanical problems because they don’t have moving parts.

Improve your cloud storage capacity.

The last option for expanding the available space on your hard drive is to use the cloud. You can, for example, transfer the majority of your files to a cloud storage provider. Many of these services allow you to erase local copies of files once you’ve moved the original online, freeing up space on your old machine’s hard drive. (It also makes moving your files to a new computer easier if you decide to upgrade.)

Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and iCloud are just a few of the outstanding cloud-storage options available.

Install a new graphics card

If your computer has a built-in GPU, it may have video editing, gaming, or image manipulation issues. When you do graphic design or video editing, it can even slow down. It is possible to boost your computer’s performance by installing a new graphics card.

This upgrade, equivalent to a second hard drive, is only available on desktop computers with expansion connectors for additional cards. First, check to see if your computer has an expansion slot. You may discover and create your model online to understand the internal workings of your computer better. If you don’t have an expansion slot, you won’t be able to upgrade. Contact us and we can help you determine if your computer is upgradable.

Invest in a larger monitor

Even if it does not raise the machine’s speed, a larger monitor can improve your computer’s experience. If you have an older PC with a small screen, you can upgrade to a larger monitor. You may watch several apps and games on one screen or watch all of your favourite TV shows in full-screen mode. Check to see if your computer can support a second screen. Look for a display output port on the chassis.

Upgrade Processor

Upgrade your computer’s CPU is a difficult task. It can deliver a considerable performance boost at a far cheaper cost than purchasing a new computer with an identical CPU chip. Suppose the CPU or other components need to be upgraded. In that case, it may be less expensive than purchasing a new computer system.

Are You a Technical Expert?

Although most hardware updates are simple, several require opening the computer to see the inside. It’s usually more difficult to upgrade laptop hardware than it is to upgrade desktop hardware. Upgrades might be intimidating for inexperienced users with no prior knowledge of computer hardware.

Remember that opening your computer can usually void the warranty. If your computer is still under warranty, you should remember the cautions when updating hardware.

If you don’t have the resources or time to do the upgrades yourself, you can Call Us.


What is the maximum time a computer can last without being upgraded?

Some people may need to upgrade their computer every year, or more frequently than others. Computers that perform complex tasks or process a lot of data will need upgrades more often to keep up with new technology. Computer gaming systems are one example. As games become more realistic and heavy multiple player systems more memory and speed are needed.

Is it possible for a computer to last ten years?

Most desktop PCs have a minimum life expectancy of three years. Computers can last for five to eight years, depending on the updates made.


You can do a lot to your computer to keep it useful and alive for more extended periods without spending a lot. Upgrading the relevant parts of your computer makes the most out of your investment. A thorough cleaning of your computer can help you decide if an upgrade is needed. Our world and our lives run on our computers, The Escambia Computers Customer Computer Maintenance Plan can help you keep your computer in peak working order and reduce your worry and stress. Click here to learn about our services.

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